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 Masa Cultur - Food Tech for Food Waste

Israel is a leading player in the field of food technology, with various innovative initiatives for healthy food product, sugar and meat substitutes, advanced management and operation efficiency tools, and more.. But, very little is being developed, in Israel and worldwide, in the FoodTech field to deal with the food waste problem.

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 In collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland, we have decided to create a platform between the main stakeholders to create a community around this topic. In November 2018, we held two events under the umbrella of FoodTech for Food Waste:

  1. A professional meetup that included an opening lecture on the topic of food waste and the links to technology. Followed by a panel about initiatives and innovation to reduce food waste. The meetup hosted c. 50 key stakeholders, representing the 4 pillars needed for the change: entrepreneurs, investors, excellerators and policy makers.

  2. A Gala evening event - Masa Cultur - the event tied together culinary, art, food waste and technology. 150 people participated in the event, coming from different sectors: government offices, local municipalities, seniors in the food industry, entrepreneurs, investors, civic organizations and diplomats. The event included a Chef dinner prepared mostly by products that were about to be disposed, a video art was screened throughout the evening, connecting between technology and food waste, highlighting the gap between advancement in different scopes of life, as opposed to lack of technology in food waste.

Technology can reduce and even eliminate food waste in different points throughout the manufacturing chain. Examples are: efficiency in manufacturing, better packaging and transportation processes, smarter inventory management, reliable indication regarding food quality, helping consumers to better plan their grocery shopping, cooking and storage, and many more interfaces.

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