Joyful Impact Projects (JIP)

We believe that a change of culture starts with inspiration and is fueled by joy. Our JIP projects use elements of gamification, fun and art to encourage a sustainable behavior in public spaces. They aim to spark conversation, thought and action. Come join us!

JIPs in the town of Yeruham


How do you connect the city to nature? Can you inspire citizens to spend more time outside in a desert town and take ownership on public spaces without asking or preaching? We were confronted with these question in Yeruham, an extraordinary town in the south of Israel. Here are two results.

There is Here

Yeruham is located between two extraordinary natural wonders: the Yeruham crater and Lake. The project There is Here aims to connect the residents living in the urban space to the natural environment that surrounds them in order to encourage local pride and serve as a source of inspiration that will motivate the preservation of both the public urban space and the environment.


השקה 18 חדש
השקה 12 חדש
השקה 13 חדש
השקה 17 חדש
השקה 14 חדש
השקה 7 חדש
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It took almost 2 years of intensive work of design, planning, engaging, thinking, building - thanks to the support of Beracha Foundation and with the collaboration of the local municipality, factories, Designers Terminal and other local NGOs, but we think it was worth it! Watch the video:

Yeruham Games

Among the housing buildings in Yeruham, some areas have been abandoned and rendered unusable. Yeruham Games is a sustainable design project aimed to rehabilitate one of these areas. To create games that encourage opportunities for communication, conversation, social connections, mutual trust, and a sense of responsibility for the public space.