Shikma Program

"The question of reaching sustainability is not about whether we will have enough energy, enough food, or other tangible resources.Those we have enough.

The question is: will there be enough leaders in time?"


 Prof. Karl-Henrik Robèrt,  MD PhD, The Natural Step founder

Shikma Program is an intensive immersion program, designed to expose current and 

future leaders of all sectors to the exciting field of sustainability. 

First cohort
Learning tour to the Israeli Parliam
Second cohort
Urban sustainability tour
Visit to the Kneseet
Green Building tour
Always good to strech
Urban agriculture visit
מפגש ראשון - 3.11.15, רמת הנדיב
Learning tour in Ramat Hanadiv

Shikma’s main goal is to create a meaningful learning experience which “infects” the participants with the viral passion to act towards a better common future. Shikma sets the ground for integration of sustainability into the participants’ professional and personal life, by equipping them with knowledge, inspiration, connections, practical approach and system thinking. The participants are carefully selected to create a diverse and impactful group that can expand the influence of the program in different circles of society.


Candidates are present and future leaders, aged 30-65, usually unaware of the relevance of sustainability to their work. The diverse group serves as a safe meeting point for parts of society who normally do not meet, thus increasing the depth of learning, as well as the level of trust and interconnections in the society. 
TNS Israel designs and delivers tailor made sustainability programs for strategic target audiences. Shikma is our annual flag ship training program. 
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