Team Members

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Michal Bitterman
CEO and Co Founder

(LL.B, M.Sc. 2017); Michal is a certified lawyer (interned at the Ministry of Justice).  M.Sc. graduate of Master's Program of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden. She is a co-founder and former chair of the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC), a non-profit organization which promotes the sustainable built environment in Israel. Michal was a consultant for the 15 self-governed cities of Israel on Climate Protection. A Ph.D. candidate at the Ben Gurion University, focusing on Strategic Sustainable Development approach as a vehicle for Conflict Resolution while working as sustainability lecturer at Betzalel Academy for design. Voted amongst the 40 most promising  young people in the year 2018.

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Maya Milrad Givon
Sustainability Transition lab, Capacity Building
Co Founder

(B.Sc. Biology, M.Sc. 2010); Maya is the former coordinator at the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs, a coalition of NGOs which promotes Sustainable Development related policies, with a focus on climate change. Organizer and coordinator of the civil delegations to the UN climate and SD conventions. A former co-chair of Green Course, a nation-wide environmental NGO based on youth volunteers, a national campaign coordinator in Green Course and an active member of the Israeli Biomimicry Organization.

Michal Hirshberg
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Graduated with honors undergraduate degree in economics and accounting from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from London Business School. Worked as a senior adviser at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Following her masters degree in London, worked in the TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology) group in Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking Division. Prior to joining The Natural Step Israel, worked as a senior manager at the financial advisory firm - Giza Zinger Even. ge

Liat Arbel
Project Management – Sustainability Transition lab, Reduction of food waist.

(B.A. Social Studies, M.Sc. Public Management); Liat worked as Manager of Corporate Responsibility in a number of large companies and held various positions in organizations dedicated to social change. 
Vast experience in creating partnerships that span different fields of activity, including business development, tools for assessment and statistical analysis.
A member of the city Council of Kiryat Ono since 2008.

More Co Founders

Ronny Daniel
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    (B.Arch, M.Sc. Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability); architect by training, consultant in various innovation groups that worked with the financial, health and infrastructure sectors.  Ronny led the Israeli branch of the OECD's Better Life Initiative, a cross cultural community engagement process. Ronny is working with the Green building council on R&D projects with companies, municipalities and universities and advising the governmental process of creating wellbeing and sustainability indicators system.

    Tamar Harel
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    (B.Sc Biology, M.Sc. Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability); Tamar is a Change facilitator, pioneering the field of graphic facilitation and visual harvesting in Israel, and The Netherlands. Tamar worked on developing new ways for sustainability education in the Heschel Sustainability Center, a research analyst at Adkit, and is still a frequent contributor to design and facilitation of learning journeys for off-site training and events across Europe with  Think Visual.


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