About us

Accelerating change towards a sustainable society in Israel

The change won’t happen on its own. We won’t wake up one day to a reality in which the air is clean, the natural resources are abundant and the Israeli society is just, happy and healthy - without committing to propel a systemic change that derives out of quality, innovation and collaboration.


The Natural Step Israel (Public Benefit Company) acts to promote strategic sustainability in the Israeli society, using the lense of innovation and quality. Our mission is to catalyze and ensure a systemic change in order to create a sustainable society in Israel that thrives within its natural surroundings.  

To achieve that, we operate in three main channels:

1. The Sustainability Transition Lab for Food Waste Reduction

The Lab model aims to create strategic changes by collaborations of diverse stakeholders that tackle “wicked” challenges and create breakthrough solutions together. The current Lab focuses on food waste reduction in Israel and includes the partnership of over 40 organizations. more


2. Capacity building for individuals and organizations

Learning experiences for strategic audiences around sustainability. The programs, workshops and courses are tailor made and incorporate versatile means of learning for decision makers and high level executives. Our flagship program, Shikma - Sustainability for Decision Makers, exposes executives from all sectors to the possibilities and challenges in the sustainability field. more


3. JIP- Joyful Impact Projects

Promoting sustainable behaviour through positive motivation. In order to influence broad circles of society, we use innovative tools from various fields, such as behavioral economics, gamification and biomimicry, creating enjoyable and thought provoking experiences to create a positive change. more


Diversity strengthens sustainability

Given the scale, complexity and urgency of the sustainability challenge, it will take all sectors of society to work together to create a better viable future. The core methodology, the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, is robust and science-based and has been used for implementation of sustainability in hundreds of businesses around the world. The organization is also in close connection with the academic world, keeping update with the forefront of the research in the field of strategic sustainable development around the world.

An International Network

The Israeli organization is a part of a global network active since 1989 to promote and implement strategic sustainability across the globe. The network has accumulated knowledge and experience from working with public and private organisations such as IKEA, Nike, Interface, Scandic, Phillips, municipalities and other organisations.