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תמונה של מדרגות אדריכליות מודרניות שצומח עליהם שטיח של דשא

Who Are We?

The Natural Step Israel is a social benefit nonprofit corporation, working to implement strategic sustainability within Israeli society.

Our mission is to drive systemic change with the goal of creating a sustainable society in Israel: a healthy, fair and happy society that thrives within its natural environment.

Meet the founders, our multidisciplinary team and the values that lead the organization.

תמונה של ספר פתוח שיוצאים ממנו ציורים בסערה כאנלוגיה לסיפור יצירתי במיוחד

  Our Story…In Short  

TNS Israel was re-established in 2012 by four founders who studied strategic leadership for sustainability at the Balkinga Institute of Technology in Sweden. The organizational DNA in its new format was changed and expanded, and in 2015 the organization was registered as a social benefit company.


The organization is part of an international network, which has been operating since 1989 around the world to promote sustainability, and helps public and business organizations, including IKEA, Nike, Interface, Scandic, Philips, municipalities and other entities, to implement sustainability strategically.

The re-establishment was made after Limor Alof - a pioneer in the field of sustainability in Israel who founded the organization in 1993 - decided in 2008 to halt its activities. The re-founding of the organization was done with the blessing and support of Alof.

  A Multidisciplinary Team  

The name of the game is teamwork, offering diverse perspectives and abilities through multidisciplinary skills. The organization's team consists of professionals from various disciplines with extensive practical experience. This includes working with the business sector, civil society organizations, the government, the Knesset and local authorities to promote and implement sustainability within Israeli society.

Our team members have experience in establishing and managing organizations, lecturing in academia, managing and implementing projects, writing academic articles and media columns, leading research, writing position papers and guiding processes and forums.

תמונה של אנשים מרכיבים פאזל מעץ צבעוני כאנלוגיה לעבודה צוות
תמונה של ניירות צבעוניות מקומטים לכדור מפוזרים כאשר במרכז יש כדור צהוב שמסביבו ציור של מנורה

  Our Working Approach  

TNS Israel works to integrate and promote the field of sustainability within Israeli society, doing so through a worldview of innovation and quality. To this end we offer various services that include project management, guidance, consulting and accompanying processes, and a variety of other ways that can help deepen sustainability across all sectors of society - private, public and civil society.

Additionally, our team develops models for solutions to horizontal challenges in sustainability, and builds projects aimed at creating a systemic change among the general public through raising awareness and knowledge transfer.

TNS Israel’s Channels of Action

Trainings and Workshops

Assimilation of strategic thinking for sustainability through our flagship program Shikma - Sustainability for Decision Makers. The purpose of the course is to create a change in mindset among decision makers from all sectors in Israel and build a network for further studies and collaboration. Additionally, the organization offers senior management programs with accelerators applied to specific sectors of the economy, training programs for organizations, workshops and lectures intended for the general public on diverse topics within sustainability.

Strategic Sustainability for Organizations

The organization accompanies and provides consulting services to organizations to identify challenge points and opportunities for action. Our work is rooted in the concept that a sustainable way of thinking is mandatory for any organization to achieve resilience and promote innovation. In recent years, TNS Israel has accompanied companies from a wide variety of fields to assimilate strategic sustainability.

Food Chain Stability

The organization accompanies businesses and organizations in broad moves to reduce food waste and works to promote policy in government forums with the aim of setting goals and promoting regulation to reduce food waste. The organization promotes broad change processes while harnessing a variety of stakeholders in the "Sustainability and Innovation Lab" model - which has focused on reducing food waste in Israel and strengthening the resilience of the food chain.

Urban Sustainability

The organization is a partner in innovative projects that work to reduce the climate crisis in urban spaces. These projects work to encourage walkability, fully utilizing public spaces, enriching the city's green and blue infrastructure, reducing food waste, reducing waste and limiting the use of non-renewable energy among small and medium-sized businesses.

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