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תמונה של מדרגות אדריכליות מודרניות שצומח במרכזן שטיח דשא ירוק

Shikma Program

"The question of achieving sustainability is not about whether we will have enough energy, food, or other tangible resources. The question is: will there be enough leaders in time?"


Prof. Karl-Henrik Robèrt,  MD PhD, The Natural Step founder

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Shikma program provides focused and up-to-date exposure to the field of sustainability for decision makers in Israel.

The program was developed by The Natural Step Israel and is intended for women and men in positions of influence in all sectors, who wish to develop a broad systemic thinking and receive tools and connections to integrate sustainability into their activities.

Why Shikma?

Media outlets broadcast a worrying and rapidly changing reality. Global climate changes, depletion of natural resources, air, soil and water pollution, the widening of social gaps and social unrest, a decrease in trust between people and between individuals and state institutions.


Under these global and local threats, a sense of uncertainty grows, and the decision-making processes become more complex than ever.

We all want to find a way to better our future, but we must ask ourselves do we have the tools to see the full picture? Are we able to clearly see all the risks and opportunities?

"The Shakma program allowed me to change my regular glasses and practice during the program a different point of view, and new ways of thinking"

Attorney Galia Sagi,
Director of the Food Industries Association,  
Association of Industrialists in Israel


Goals and objectives

The purpose of the program is to expose decision makers and opinion influencers in Israel - from the public, business and civil sectors - to the world of sustainability, and to tools for the effective management of social and environmental  challenges and problems.


Program objectives

Empowering decision makers from all sectors to adopt a broad approach and manage effectively in the face of local and global challenges.

Familiarity with various aspects surrounding the environment, society and economy.

Providing tools for implementing and promoting sustainability.

Exposure to sources of inspiration and innovation from the forefront of action in the field in Israel and around the world.

Networking with people who work in different fields in the Israeli and global economy.

"The Shekma program helped me discover a new world - the field of sustainability. I discovered that it is important and relevant to my areas of knowledge and professional and public activity"

Adv. Rada Jaber
CEO of the Amman Center

Program principles

  • A focused experience of personal development in a high-quality multidisciplinary group.

  • Learning a unique concept for strategic planning for sustainability, which is applied in business and public organizations around the world.

  • Exposure to a variety of current environmental, economic and social issues.

  • Learning and practicing applied tools and models for inspiration.

  • Field tours to get to know projects and sites that demonstrate sustainability, quality and innovation.

  • Five weekly sessions of full days, including tours, lectures, workshops and more.

  • Networking and meeting with leading figures in the field of sustainability.

"The Shekma program was a wonderful gift I received during the process and journey of establishing the Freedom Farm project... the other and very significant bonus is that I met fascinating and inspiring people..."


Adit Romano
Business entrepreneur and the founders of the freedom farm

Who is the program for?

Shikma program is intended for men and women from all sectors in Israel who are leaders in the respectives field, and/or have practical experience in development and project management in a variety of positions in the public, business and civil sectors. Suitable candidates are those who are looking for additional ways of influence for the benefit of Israeli society or who aspire to an unconventional process for empowerment, networking and capacity building. The group is selected while ensuring a diverse group that contains a variety of voices, disciplines and experience.

"The Shakma program is the meeting of the social and environmental extremes taking place these days in Israel between people of action, social entrepreneurs and public representatives, with the aim of bringing about social change in Israel."

Boaz Gor - economist and attorney
Director of the economic company for Haifa. The director of strategic research at the One Voice organization. Haifa council member

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