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תמונה של מגפון בהפגנה

We Demand
Dynamic Pricing Now!

Important facts to know:

# 35% of the volume of local food production in Israel is thrown away every year. Dynamic pricing and discounting of products nearing their expiration date in can save food worth NIS 3.5 billion per year.

# The climate crisis is already a known fact.

# According to the latest UN climate report, the Middle East region is one of the regions significantly affected by global warming.

# Food waste is responsible for about a tenth of all greenhouse gas emissions causing the climate crisis.


# 80% of all our garbage is directed to landfills, and each year about 300 hectares of land is needed to maintain the demand for landfills.

תמונה של ירקות ופירות יוצאים מתוך שקיות בד רב צעמיות

How can dynamic pricing help?

One of the possible solutions is dynamic pricing for food products whose expiration date is near.

Dynamic pricing is not a new concept. In Europe, retail chains and supermarkets already use this method, according to which products approaching their expiration date are sold at discounted prices of up to 50% in order to sell as much of them as possible, prevent them from being thrown into the trash and thus reduce the negative effects of food waste.

Retail chains and supermarkets can benefit from additional purchases, consumers can benefit from discounted prices and Israel can benefit from a cleaner environment.

2 minutes: Hear from Dr. Michal Bitterman

What is dynamic pricing and why is it important to promote in stores and retail chains?


It’s important for the residents of Israel, the environment and our future!

News investigation 12 part one

News investigation 12 part one

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