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HaIra Project

Every city has public spaces with great potential, and with proper care and small touches it can become a lively urban space that brings enormous value to residents, business owners and urban sustainability.

לוגו תכנית העירה

HaIra project, supported by the Bracha Foundation, promotes urban sustainability through the development of public spaces. The development of the space is done with a holistic work approach that includes the three aspects of sustainability: community, environment and economy. The organizations and professional staff in the program work in full partnership with the Authority's employees and with urban leaders. Together we develop spaces that improve the quality of life of the residents, and integrate among the professional staff of the authority innovative work processes that help them in their ongoing work to develop the city.

What makes certain cities centers of attraction for residents and businesses, and others sleepy cities?

How can the community and commerce in the city be strengthened through smart and simple actions?

HaIra’s professional staff works in cooperation with the local authority and social and community entrepreneurs to build together a plan that will revitalize the public space in the city while assimilating the concept of urban sustainability.

The process is carried out in a way that is adapted and attentive to the community on the one hand, and to the needs arising of the local authority on the other hand. At the end a multidisciplinary plan is obtained that exactly fits the city's dimensions, and whose success is measured and proven.

During the program, the employees of the local authority who take part in it, receive comprehensive training, a rich basket of tools and a variety of directions for professional collaborations, in order to operate similar projects in the city independently in the future as well.

Why is it important?

Investing in sustainable urban space and the creation of active and vibrant public spaces brings many significant benefits to cities and their residents: formation of new communities, a sense of high personal security, support for the local economy, strengthening of belonging to the city, creation of local culture and more. These and other benefits are proven again and again by the global experience in the field, through academic studies and also by our professional experience with projects that we lead here in Israel.

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