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תמונה של מדרגות אדריכליות מודרניות שצומח במרכזן שטיח דשא ירוק

Our events

תמונה של הזמנה לדוגמא

Events and Trainings

Throughout the year and in order to promote a sustainable society in Israel, we initiated a diverse range of training and events for target audiences such as chefs and restaurant owners, boards of directors, the tech community and more. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and this journey can start with a webinar or an event.

תמונה של הזמנה לדוגמא

Masa Events​

Mass, or “masa” in Hebrew, is a fixed body of matter. It is the basis from which all other shapes are derived. Masa events are designed to create a thought-provoking experience at the intersection between sustainability, cuisine and art.

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