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אישה עובדת בגינה

Local Impact Project

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לוגו השפעה מקומית

The climate crisis is a global, national and local problem. The nature of life today at the level of the residents, business and the private home has environmental consequences, which mean the loss of resources invested in the production of wasted food, the proliferation of single-use packaging waste, air and soil pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that increase the global climate crisis. 75% of greenhouse gas emissions occur in municipal areas. Efficiency at the municipal and business level in these areas will raise community awareness of dealing with the crisis and lead to financial savings in authorities and businesses.


Local authorities are also responsible for the quality of life at the municipal level. They have a huge impact on the environment due to the extent to which they encourage recycling, establish environmental policies to reduce waste and energy efficiency, and influence the daily choices of the residents.


Local Impact Project is an initiative of four leading environmental organizations in Israel with the support of the European Union. Each organization brings its uniqueness, knowledge and experience in its field.

The purpose of the project is to improve the mechanisms for dealing with the climate crisis locally through involvement and cooperation between the local authority, small and medium-sized businesses and civil society in its territory. The project will support the work of the local government by providing knowledge, tools and strategies to improve the quality of life and service to the residents. In addition, we will work with local businesses on adopting beneficial measures, such as practical tools that may lead to resource savings, and we will engage youth in educational activities in order to produce public campaigns to raise awareness of the climate crisis at the local level.


Participation in the program will strengthen the authority and the local community:

Local and business prosperity - prosperous businesses attract young people and improve the quality of life locally.

Financial savings potential for the authority due to the reduction of waste disposal costs.

Strengthening the relationship between the authority and businesses will allow for better service and response.

Receiving a toolbox and a continuation plan for working with businesses and the community in dealing with the climate crisis in order to strengthen community resilience.

The businesses that participate in the project and meet the conditions will be part of a leading group of existing businesses and will receive advertising and media promotion.

The participating authorities will continue to receive our accompaniment and support even after the end of the project.

The full cooperation of the local authority is essential for the success of the process:

  1. The support of the head of the authority in the program

  2. Partnership in building a strategic plan to improve environmental services that will be submitted to the council

  3. Establishing a diverse small municipal team from different departments, who will receive 12 hours of training

  4. Assistance in recruiting local businesses and youth

  5. Allocation of space for community gatherings

  6. Collaborations in advertising and marketing efforts

  7. Filling out surveys at the beginning and end of the project to assess the situation in the Authority regarding dealing with the climate crisis

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