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Here are some ideas to help kids value food from a young age.
Plus - free learning sessions if you scroll to the end!

אייקון של ירק צומח

A Little Garden

Take advantage of open spaces on rooftops, windowsills or in a local community garden to grow produce with your kids that can later be used in home-cooked meals. In this way you show them what resources are needed to grow food and why they are valuable.

אייקון של סמל התנדבות

Volunteering Kids

Another way to increase kids’ appreciation towards food is to take them to volunteer picking and fruits and vegetables. You can also volunteer with Leket Israel by collecting food from restaurants at the end of the day that will be given to

those in need.

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אייקון של צלחת עמוסה פנקייקים

Do Not Load

Most parents aim for their child to finish each meal with a plate full of a variety of foods, but in practice how much ends up in the trash? Adjust portions to the amount the child eats and not to our ambitions!

אייקון של מערוך ומקציף

Cooking Time

Invite the kids to join you in the kitchen - when you make a banana cake from blackened bananas, a sour milk cake or a tomato stew that always excites the appetite. This way they’ll see how less attractive ingredients can be transformed into delicious dishes, while spending quality time together.

אייקון של אשה עם כתר

Setting An Example

Children learn how to behave mainly through the messages we convey to them. If they see us throwing away the contents of a pot from the fridge and loading our plates high at the hotel buffet with much of it going to waste, that is the message that they will see.

אייקון של סל קניות

Shopping with Kids

In an era of online shopping, many of us barely make it to the supermarket. But when you do go, it's worth bringing the little ones along. Show them that even the least beautiful vegetables and fruits will suit our salad and even take products that expire soon to cook with them today or tomorrow.

Online Academy: Our lab team teaches primary and middle school
students about reducing food waste in Israel

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