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"I am beautiful": Meet the special fruits and vegetables

When was the last time you bought a crooked cucumber? Or a two-headed carrot? What about the pepper that can't stand up straight because its sides are different? In an age when we strive to look perfect - beautiful, slim, tanned, chic - our kitchens are also following this trend. The development of the culinary world outside and inside the home, along with a boom in social media, have created a new standard of beauty: the aesthetically-perfect dish. We fill the pantry with a variety of products, buy the best cookbooks, and purchase the most beautiful produce.

What’s the worst case scenario in the food industry? A soufflé that doesn't rise, chicken nuggets that get burnt or overdone risotto? As in the beauty and fashion industry there are negative repercussions. About 40% of all agricultural produce grown in Israel is thrown away. Sometimes it gets left on the ground and sometimes it ends up in the trash, but either way it does not reach consumers. Fruits and vegetables that do not meet the standard of beauty that we have created - an ideal out of touch with natural growth - are thrown away despite being tasty, nutritious and high quality. Each time we choose fruits and vegetables solely by appearance, we become part of the problem. We harm farmers and harm consumers and contribute to food shortage among vulnerable populations. Our choices can make a real difference and reduce food waste in Israel.

So come and get to know the fruits and vegetables you don't see in the stalls, and the next time you go shopping adopt a special fruit or vegetable!

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