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For its fifth year, The Natural Step Israel led Israel’s National Food Waste Week.

We hold activities and share information that provide tools for raising awareness and encouraging action, which will lead to a reduction in food waste throughout the supply chain -from the field to our homes!

The Activities

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הצעות לחברות, ארגונים ורשויות מקומיותתוכלו למצוא מטה.
בקרוב נפרסם הצעות לאקדמיה.

Are you also doing something to commemorate Food Waste Week?

Share and tag us @thenaturalstepisrael

What are you doing for Food Waste Week?

Want to Become a Food-Saving Organization?

Invite us to provide an enjoyable, educational experience for you such as enriching lectures, experiential culinary workshops, organizational waste mapping (for businesses and organizations) or any other activity that will deepen your knowledge and tools for reducing food waste.

For inquiries regarding Food Waste Week contact us at

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