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זוד ידיים מחיקות אבוקדו בשל

Facts and figures about food consumption and waste in Israel and around the world

Food waste in Israel

Israel ranks second in food waste amongst OECD countries and produces 2.4 million tons of food waste every year - about a third of local food production. 50% of wasted food that is suitable for human consumption ends up in the landfill as a result of behavioral patterns, lack of awareness of our consumption habits and more.

אייקון של פח אשפה גדול ברחוב


Of local food production is thrown away each year

אייקון של תפוח אכול וקליפת בננה

21.3 billion NIS

The average value of food waste

אייקון של פח רחוב גדול

6,900 NIS

Per household each year -  the total effect of food waste on the cost of living

אייקון של פח אשפה ביתי

1,152 kg

Annual average of food lost for a family of 4

אייקון של פח מחזור

1.89 million NIS

The environmental cost of household food waste

אייקון של מפעל פולט עשן מהארובה


Greenhouse gas emissions originating from food waste

אייקון של משאית שבל

2.5 million tons

The weight of food loss in Israel in 2021

אייקון של שקית זבל בפח

8.8 billion NIS

Worth of household food loss in 2021

אייקון של בית עם עציץ בתוכו


Of household waste is composed of food waste

In recent years, the phenomenon of food waste has emerged as a global problem which has significant repercussions on our environmental, social and economic resources. For the average household, this is a direct loss of thousands of shekels at a time when at least 500,000 families suffer from food insecurity in Israel. The good news is that with a little awareness and willingness we can reduce food waste in Israel.

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