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מה היה לנו - שבוע צִמְבּוּז 2023 

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שפים מובילים מבשלים בבתים
ברחבי הארץ ארוחת שף מצמבזת!

אוטו הצמבוז

פעילות השטח הרשמית של השבוע

שפים מובילים מבשלים בבתים ברחבי הארץ ארוחת שף מצמבזת!

רן שמואלי

What Took Place - Food Waste Week 2022

תמונה של פרסום שבוע הצמבוז 2022 עם הסלוגן - מצמבזות כולנו משנות

We’re all part of changing food waste!

After two years of Covid-19 we returned with a wide variety of outdoor activities! We held the conference "From the Field to the Plate - and Beyond” in collaboration with Asif “The Center for Food Culture in Israel”; a 360-degree food waste reduction panel in collaboration with the Association for Culinary Culture in Israel; we raised awareness of the consumption of special vegetables and fruits through collaboration with Aleh HaBayta: "It's always nice to find something special" in the fruit and vegetable deliveries to their customers; we met the public at the Hadera market - an initiative of Hadera high school students and the greengrocers in the market with a "special" fruit stand in cooperation with the Association of Cities for the Environment Sharon - Carmel; and we held a "workshop on reducing food waste and fermentation" in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality and Mazeh 9. Once again this year we had the opportunity to cooperate with Dizengoff Center and Aroma Israel, and we screened the campaign videos on the Dizengoff Center bridge and in all Aroma Israel branches. This year Shufersal Green ambassadors also joined and shared ideas for reducing food waste. We were interviewed on dozens of TV shows, radio and articles and spread the message more than any previous year!

פרסום של שבוע הצמבו"ז 2022 עם לו"ז פעילויות שנפרש על כל השבוע ותמונות מאירועים שהיו

What Took Place - Food Waste Week 2021

What took place on Food Waste Day 2021?

In the midst of the third closure due to Covid-19, we made the transition from Food Waste Day to Food Waste Week. Everyone was home more and cooked more so the theme was aimed at our kitchens. The issue of expiration dates, tips for cooking with children, tips for storing and properly utilizing raw materials were at the center of the campaign.

What Took Place - Food Waste Week 2020

פרסום של שבוע הצמבו"ז 2020 עם הסלוגן - בזבוז מזון? כואב הלב! לתמונה של פסטה ברוטב עגבניות בצורת לב

What took place on Food Waste Day 2020?

This is the year that the Covid-19 epidemic broke into our lives, just before the national Food Waste Day. Food Waste Day was therefore held in a limited format.

Special thanks go to: Aroma Israel, Dizengoff Center, the Israeli Association for Culinary Culture, the Claro Group, the Tel Aviv Municipality, Radio Kol HaGalil Al-Avlerim, the Shama local council, the Nitzat HaDuvdevan network, the accounting firm EY, the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization, the Givatayim Municipality and much more. In addition, over 110,000 users were exposed to the content and social media pages!

What Took Place - Food Waste Week 2019

פרסום של יום הצמבוז 2019
עם הסלוגן כולנו מתחילים לצמבז ותמונה של לוח שנה עשוי מפרוסות גבינה

What took place on Food Waste Day 2019?

More than 130 organizations in total: 5 food and beverage manufacturers, 1 food marketing chain, 5 government bodies, 2 security bodies - the IDF and the Shin Bet - local authorities, councils and environmental units - including the municipality of Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Ramat Gan , Givatayim, the Carmel Coast Regional Council, the Municipality of Ashdod, the Regional Unit of the Community Center in Sharon, the Municipality of Holon, the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Regional Environmental Unit of the Galilee Finger, the Kochav-Yair Zur-Yigal Environmental Quality Committee, the Municipality of Nes Ziona, the Ramat Negev Regional Council, Herzliya Municipality's tourism - Herzliya Marina, the Society for the Economy, the Hotel Association, Dan and Caesar Jerusalem hotels and 5 academic bodies joined to spread the message! Counselors for the Scouts movement conducted various activities throughout the country and this was joined by more than 15 educational initiatives on the subject and operated in schools and kindergartens. Unilever, Tnuva, Shikun and Binui infrastructure company, Applied Materials all launched a comprehensive campaign for their employees. Strauss and The Kitchen FoodTech Hub incubator led a food and innovation event with us at the Strauss headquarters.

צילום של מכתב מנשיא המדינה מברך אתנו על היוזמה של יום הצמבוז

For inquiries regarding Food Waste Week contact us at

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