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זה הזמן להוביל שינוי! באנר לעידוד הרשמה לתכנית שקמה

Shikma Program - everything you need to know!

Program objectives

  • Empowering decision makers from all sectors to adopt a broad approach and manage effectively in the face of local and global challenges.

  • Familiarity with a variety of current aspects of environment, society and economy.

  • Providing tools for implementing and promoting sustainability.

  • Exposure to sources of inspiration and innovation from the forefront of action in the field, in Israel and around the world.

  • Networking with doers - from different fields in the Israeli economy and globally.

At the end of the program, graduates:

  • Will be able to incorporate sustainability principles in decision-making.

  • Will be able to identify risks and opportunities in their field of operation.

  • Will meet leaders in the fields of sustainability in Israel and around the world..

  • Will join our network of leaders who drive change from a place of strategic sustainability, with the support of TNS Israel.

  • Can access guidance from the TNS Israel team to continue the activity in their circles of influence.

What Shikma Program Offers

  • A focused experience of personal development in a high-quality, multi sectoral group

  • A concept applied worldwide by business and public organizations for strategic planning for sustainability

  • ​Field visits to get to know projects that implement sustainability from innovation and quality

  • Exposure to a variety of current environmental, economic and social issues

  • Networking and meetings with leaders in the field

  • Tools for practical application

  • Familiarity with models for inspiration


Cost for participation is 1,800 shekel


The cost includes:

Study tours, webinars and workshops. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Access to resources and summaries from the program


Discounts and scholarships may be possible for those who request this in their application


The program takes place in the Tel Aviv area, in a location accessible by car and public transportation.


Participants will be notified of the exact location in advance.


The program includes five weekly meetings which will be held remotely and in person.

Attendance at all meetings is a prerequisite for admission.

Upcoming program dates are coming soon.

Key Program Topics

  • What is strategic planning for sustainability and how can it be used for effective management in any operating environment.

  • Sustainability as an engine for innovation, innovation and growth trends as a result of assimilating existing principles in the business and municipal arenas.

  • What is social sustainability, the problem of trust and social gaps, how to promote it in practice.

  • Familiarity with a selection of local and global challenges including: the climate crisis, the energy economy, natural resource management, social disparities and urban planning.

  • Leading and implementing change, concepts and tools for creating behavioral and social change at different levels of influence.

  • Urban sustainability, aspects of sustainability that affect us daily in the city and how they are related to strategic planning for sustainability.

  • The business case for sustainability - how investing in implementing sustainability reduces risks and is worthwhile for business, public and civil society organizations.

  • Policy instruments, regulation and enforcement for sustainability in Israel.

  • Meetings with leaders of innovative solutions for sustainability in Israel across various sectors.

Who is the program for?

Shikma program is for men and women from all sectors in Israel who are leaders in their field and/or have practical experience in program development and management. Suitable candidates are those who are looking for additional ways of influence for the benefit of Israeli society, or who are looking for creative means of empowerment, networking and capacity building. The cohort is selected with a focus on creating a diverse, egalitarian and interesting group that contains a variety of voices, areas of knowledge and experience.

Admission process and schedule

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements (details below) are invited to submit their candidacy by filling out the application form below. A CV must be attached to the application. The forms are processed by The Natural Step Israel team, which will be in contact with suitable candidates to coordinate introductory interviews.

Eligibility requirements for applying:

  • Professional experience of at least 5 years

  • Activity in a managerial position, managerial reserve and/or position of influence in the public/cultural space

  • Curiosity and openness to a variety of opinions, a desire to learn and develop

  • Ability to lead processes and excellent interpersonal relations

  • Commitment to full participation in the five sessions of the program

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