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תמונה של מדרגות אדרכליות שצומח מתוכן דשא

Our Services

Based on TNS Israel’s broad base of knowledge and experience, we accompany and provide consulting services to organizations to identify challenge points and opportunities for action. Our work is rooted in the concept that a sustainable way of thinking is mandatory for any organization to achieve resilience and promote innovation. In recent years, TNS Israel has accompanied companies from a wide variety of fields to assimilate strategic sustainability. These include: the Ramat Hanadiv organization, the Galil Winery, the Ran Shmueli Group, Aroma Israel (Espresso Bar) as well as other clients from the hospitality, health and food production industries who cannot be named due to confidentiality.

תודה שנרשמתם-ן

Paid Lectures

We offer lectures and workshops on a variety of topics including food waste reduction, urban sustainability, sustainability and climate change, and more.

Our lectures and workshops combine theoretical and practical knowledge, and include videos, group participation and current affairs. They can be given as a single event or as a series of meetings around internationally commemorated days related to the environment and sustainability.

Consultancy and Mapping

The TNS approach advocates that sustainability is a way of thinking that every organization must adopt as part of proper management, economic strategy and risk management. Many private and public organizations, including IKEA, Nike, Electrolux and the Eindhoven municipality in the Netherlands have utilized this approach as part of their strategy towards sustainability.

Adopting a sustainability approach can happen at different levels - from implementing fundamental principles to adopting practices and innovative approaches. We strive to guide organizations in achieving the maximum potential right for them. The purpose of these services is to guide organizations in achieving deep and strategic assimilation of sustainability.

Training for Organizations

Climate change and global warming due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions have become one of the most important issues on the global agenda. We believe in engaging people in sustainability from a place of positivity and inspiration, not fear or reproach. It’s important to be familiar with the facts, urgency and scale of the current environmental and societal crisis, but it’s equally important to empower people to take action from a place of positive commitment.

In our training sessions we employ a variety of methods and experiential tools, alongside current and stimulating content. Lectures, exercises, videos and activities help us to engage both the head and the heart of the participants.

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