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 תמונה מתוך אירוע פרוייקט ירוחם

Yeruham’s Project

TNS Israel’s first program using the Joyful Impact Theory in Yeruham. The project aims to put three main challenges at the forefront: waste, shade and responsibility in public spaces. Each of these challenges leads to opportunities to improve interaction between residents, accessibility to technology, connection to the environment and better utilization of public space.

The Yeruham Project is the product of collaboration between TNS Israel, the head of the Yeruham city council Michael Bitton, the deputy mayor Tal Ohana, a variety of organizations and activists, and of course the residents of Yeruham themselves. The work process involved a deep and fascinating dialogue between all parties involved, which lasted almost two years and aimed to involve as many local forces as possible in the production and execution stages, thereby also strengthening the local economy.


Work on the project brought dozens of designers, who went out and became familiar with the local scenery and residents. This became the source of inspiration for the ideas and vision we put together.

 YeruFUN Marathon

The connection between the partners was made as part of a 48-hour marathon that took place in Yeruham, during which work teams composed of designers, architects and entrepreneurs met with the residents, and together came up with creative ideas that would answer the main issues we chose to address.


The ideas put forward were tested in the field, and their viability and degree of impact was examined by a team from TNS Israel and a special committee on behalf of the Yeruham municipality. Two ideas out of the nine were chosen for implementation in the field:


"There Is Here" - Bringing nature into the city, and creating a connection between the urban center and the surrounding nature.

"Games of Yeruham" - Raising social and environmental awareness through games.


 There Is Here 

Our first project was called "There Is Here", the idea that brings the unique nature and strength of Yeruham into the city center.


Yeruham is located between two extraordinary natural wonders: the Yeruham Crater and the Yeruham Lake. We decided to connect the residents to the natural environment that surrounds them in order to encourage local pride and serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for preserving public spaces and the environment.


On October 31st 2017, the project was launched after two years of working with local authorities. The sights and sounds that filled the city center are the product of work that lasted a year, during which the sights and sounds present every day near the lake and the crater were recorded, as well as in the local factories, Phenicia and Amelia.

"The connection between the lake and the crater is a combination of two wonders. On the one hand water, and on the other hand sand. Both together make mud. Mud can be dirt or, if you put in a little effort, a building material that you can sculpt and create something new with. The place we created here is this combination of the best of both worlds. Water. Sand. Concrete. Strong together for the sake of the residents.”

(Ronny Daniel, co-founder of TNS Israel and project manager)

"Standing in the heart of Yeruham's commercial center and hearing birds chirping - that's the story as I see it. There is a city, there is nature, each has its own story and presence, but there is the connection and it is important to experience this connection. We wanted to bring this amazing nature into the city, with the aim of creating a daily connection for the residents of Yeruham and for the guests who visit." 

(Michal Bitterman, co-founder and CEO of TNS Israel)

 Games of Yeruham 

Among Yeruham's housing units there are areas that have become abandoned and unusable. The second project in the city aimed to rehabilitate this area, and with the help of the "Mutav Yahad" organization and the Jewish National Fund (KKL) we added seating, trees for shade and unique street games to bring the residents together.


The goal is that the new design and the games set up in the area will make the people walking around in it create social connections, will arouse a sense of responsibility for public spaces as well as encourage attention to the environment and sustainability.

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