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זוג ידיים של ילד מחזיק קיווי שהתעוות לצורת לב

Food Waste

Any action that contributes to reducing food waste. The primary way of accomplishing this is by avoiding throwing food away. There are many simple ways to reduce food waste that can be easily integrated into our daily lives. Here are some of them.


What should you cook immediately after shopping? What can you do with cooked food that no one wants to eat? Get tips that will help you create order out of your fridge.

Israeli Convention

Calling on decision makers in the government to adopt strategic policy and take steps towards reducing food waste.


Get all the tips on proper food storage, divided by category.


Special Vegetables

Get familiar with the fruits and vegetables you’re less likely to see in the supermarket, and the next time you go shopping, adopt a special fruit or vegetable!


All the advice that will help you buy just what you need to maintain an efficient and useful kitchen.



For Kids

Here are some ideas that will help our children develop a sense of value towards food from an early age.


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