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Too salty? Burned a little? Nonsense!

Learn ways to avoid food waste while cooking and save entire meals!

אייקון של ירקות ופירות

Fresh First

First use items that are about to expire or lose their freshness and only then open preserves, cheeses or products that can last longer.

אייקון של קרטון חלב

Almost Expired

Don't stress about the expiration date. In many products it’s about "best before" and not "use by”  Products marked with "best before" can be good to eat even days after the date shown on the package. Trust your eyes and nose!


אייקון של חצי מחזור


The pasta looks tired and doesn’t excite members of the house? Freshen it up in the form of an interesting quiche. Did the cake turn out tasteless? Make sweet chocolate balls from it!

אייקון של בלנדר

Upgrading Flavors

Vegetables and other cooked foods that turn out bland can always be turned into soups or sauces. Transfer them to a blender and add new flavors to upgrade the dish into a flavorful new one!

אייקון של סיר שמוסיפים לו מלח

Fix It Yourself

Is the soup too salty? Add vinegar, lemon juice or brown sugar. Diluting it with water, adding crushed tomatoes or soup stock from the freezer can also help. Or add peeled potatoes to the soup pot to absorb some of the salt, then take them out before serving - you can make mashed potatoes out of them!

אייקון של קופסאת אחסון למזון

One Man’s Trash

If reusing in the kitchen is less appealing to you and you are still stocked with cooked food from two days ago, interest your friends at work or neighbors with boxes of prepared food. You won't believe how many people will appreciate home-cooked meals!

אייקון של סיר מתבשל על אש גבוהה

Don't Burn and Trash

Did the bottom of the stew burn? Remove it from the heat, transfer its upper part to a new pot and cover it with a damp cloth for 10 minutes to neutralize the burnt flavor. Try adding barbecue sauce, chili or other condiments to improve the dish.

אייקון של כריכים בשקית לפני הקפאה

The Art of Freezing

Most of us don't use the entire loaf of bread all at once, so why do we keep it ready to use at the cost of freshness? Start by taking out the amount you need and freeze everything else.

אייקון של מרית ומצקת


If all these didn't help and you still have leftovers - browse a variety of recipes that can be made from leftovers!

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לפניות בנוגע לשבוע הצמבו"ז כיתבו לנו

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