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תמונה של מדרגות אדריכליות מודרניות שצומח מהן שטיח של דשא

Our Programs

Promoting our vision of strategic sustainability requires implementing programs “on the ground” as well as facilitating capacity building among decision makers. This combination allows us to establish and embed strategic sustainability in the deepest way. Our field programs address diverse audiences in Israel’s geographic periphery and develop partnerships between stakeholders in the urban space and environmental organizations. Our capacity-building programs target decision makers who do not engage in sustainability in their day-to-day, and demonstrate how to integrate strategic sustainability into the core of their work whether in the private, public or civil society sectors. 

Shikma Program

A unique sustainability training program for decision makers. Assimilation of strategic thinking for sustainability through our flagship program Shikma - Sustainability for Decision Makers. The purpose of the course is to create a change of mindset among decision makers from all sectors in Israel and create a network for further studies and collaboration.


Additionally, TNS Israel leads accelerators for senior figures focusing on various sectors in the economy, sustainability training programs for organizations, as well as workshops and lectures for thel public on diverse topics surrounding sustainability.

Urban Sustainability Programs

Promoting sustainability at the municipal level. TNS Israel partners on innovative programs that work to mitigate the climate crisis in urban centers, where 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change occur.


The programs encourage walkability, utilization of public spaces, enriching the city’s green and blue infrastructure, food waste reduction, waste reduction and the use of non-renewable energy among small- and medium-sized businesses. The projects focus on harnessing all municipal-level stakeholders: local authorities, employees, businesses, civil society, youth and more.

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